Your Heart Will Go On After Reading These Titanic Movie Fun Facts

When Titanic premiered in 1997, audiences fell in love with Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet). Their on-screen romance gave a heartfelt perspective on one of the worst shipwrecks of all time. James Cameron’s approaches were a little unusual though. Read on to find out all the secrets from the set…

Trippy Trip

While filming in the Nova Scotia location, PCP was accidentally mixed into the clam chowders served to cast and crew. As a result, over 80 members were rushed to the hospital with hallucinations.


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The More You Know

  • In 1567, the man said to have the longest beard in the world died after he tripped over his beard running away from a fire.
  • Stephen Hawking is 73 years old and has outlived his shortened life expectancy due to ALS by over 50 years.
  • Fleas can jump up to 100 times their body length.
  • A solar powered, self-filling water bottle has been invented for bike riders that condenses atmospheric moisture to automatically fill the bottle.
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