Young Entrepreneurs Turn Their Love For Their Pets into a Much-Needed Business

On average, two-thirds of American households have a pet, and nearly 95% of those homes consider their pets to be part of their family. 

If pet parents need help concerning nutrition, healthcare, or training questions, there's now an app that can help them answer some of their questions. 

High school students from Roslyn High School in Long Island, New York City, are behind WellPets, an app designed to keep track of pet health and wellness information. 

The app started as a youth entrepreneurship project in which students pitch their ideas to local professionals for a chance to win funding. 

To use WellPets, owners must input their pet's breed and size. The app will then generate proper nutrition plans, remind owners about vet visits and grooming appointments, and will soon also allow them the ability to shop for pet products, all in one place.  

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