You Can Officially Bathe In Cheese at this Swiss Farm

Cheese lovers can finally get the spa day of their dreams at the traditional cheese and dairy farm Alpkäserei Gerschnialp in Switzerland. The company makes about 35 tons of cheese within the year, separating curds from the whey. The whey is what visitors have the opportunity to bathe in during their time at the farm.

Local cheesemaker Salmi Tongi allows tourists to take part in this tradition dating back to the 1800s. The cheese was then rumored to have restorative properties for the skin. The entire process costs around $40 for a single or $60 for a couple.

The family has been making cheese for 43 years and believes the whey baths have many health benefits. “Whey still has many good vitamins in it, and globulin [proteins]. You could only take it out if you heated the whey to 92 degrees, and with acid. The whey bath is good for the skin and for the mind, for the nerves.” says owner Salmi Tongi.

Tourists report skin feeling softer and cleaner than they expected, and the smell is actually lovely! Visitors will sit in a wooden tub overlooking the beautiful scenery of Alpkäserei Gerschnialp to enjoy the spa day made of whey!

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