'World's Strongest Latte' With Four Times the Caffeine of Starbucks Hits Shelves

If the name didn't take you by surprise, this information will certainly do so: Death Wish Coffee's latest product has four times the amount of caffeine in the equivalent Starbucks drink.

The brand's World's Strongest Coffee made waves when it hit the caffeine scene. Though it's had challengers, Death Wish has persevered, and now, there's another product to show for it—the World's Strongest Latte.

Sold in ready-to-drink eight-ounce cans, the latte contains 300 milligrams of caffeine. It is "made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients" for "a strong yet smooth and indulgent taste."

The 170-calorie beverage is made with milk, "but does not need to be refrigerated until [the] can is opened."

"The challenge of producing a great-tasting product while embracing the necessity for it to be the strongest and figuring out how to accomplish this organically is no small task," said Steve Frania, Death Wish's vice president of sales. "I couldn't be prouder of the product and the experience our customers will have when they take their first of many sips. The World's Strongest Latte adds an indulgent option to our ready-to-drink line."

The World's Strongest Latte is Death Wish's third ready-to-drink can, joining the 300-milligram Unsweetened Black Cold Brew and Slightly Sweetened Black Cold Brew, which were both released in 2019.

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