Wondering What George and Amal Clooney’s Twins Eat? We Thought So

George and Amal Clooney have done a great job at keeping their twins out of the spotlight. The family’s personal chef, however, has recently given the world a little taste (pun intended) of the twins personalities.

From what we know of the Clooney’s, quality time together is a top priority, but this time does not include cooking, and let’s be honest, with George filming movies Amal saving the world, there doesn’t seem to be much time for it anyways.

In a recent interview, George revealed their family secret: Viviana Frizzi, their personal chef. Hailing from Como, Italy, Frizzi is the personal chef of our dreams. From sushi, to Lebanese and Indian dishes, to Italian cuisine, she can do it all.

Frizzi said that the 16-month-old Clooney twins, Ella and Alexander, are not picky eaters. Their favorite foods are salmon, tomato risotto, Margherita pizza, and ricotta with raspberries.

When they like something, Frizzi said, “They put their little fingers on their cheeks, smile and say, Mmm!”

The Clooney twins are eating like royalty, after all, Prince George and Princess Charlotte reportedly love pizza and pasta, too. George admits that without Vivianna, he and Amal would be helpless in the kitchen, and said, “Any lesson from Vivi in the kitchen would be like teaching a whale to fly.”

Luckily, the Clooney’s have no worries when it comes to how their children are being fed with a talent like Vivianna Frizzi in their kitchen.

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