"Zombie" Angelina Jolie Imprisoned for Too Many Cosmetic Surgeries

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, where does one draw the line? This 22-year-old's obsession with one of the world's most beautiful women led her down a dark path of cosmetic alteration—one that eventually landed her behind bars...

Unhealthy Fixation

Celebrities spend most of their lives in the public eye, so it's no surprise that aesthetics are a top priority. Even if money can't buy happiness, it can buy an endless array of procedures to maintain the illusion of youth. Angelina Jolie has been cited as the world's most beautiful woman by a variety of media outlets—but just how far would you go to look like her?


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The More You Know

  • The longest tennis rally lasted over 12 hours.
  • The glow around the moon is called a "broch."
  • There was a flying dinosaur the size of a giraffe.
  • The idea that a man should spend two months salary on an engagement ring was popularized by De Beers' ad agency.
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