"Zombie" Angelina Jolie Imprisoned for Too Many Cosmetic Surgeries

Shocking Decision

Some people will go to great lengths to emulate their idols. For a young Iranian woman named Sahar Tabar, it became her life's mission. The 22-year-old decided she would do anything to look like the former wife of Brad Pitt. After fifty surgeries, Tabar's facial features became grotesquely distorted, but the 22-year-old didn't care. Tabar's grim cosmetic adventure was documented via her Instagram page...


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The More You Know

  • The world record for the tallest stack of doughnuts totaled more than 3,000.
  • The longest wedding veil was longer than 63 football fields.
  • About 700 grapes go into one bottle of wine.
  • "E" is the most common letter and appears in 11 percent of all english words.
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