Wild Commutes That Make Rush Hour Traffic Look Easy

By 1 year ago

Commuting to work is a part of everyone's daily routine. However, while you might be stuck in a highway traffic jam or walking the city streets on your way to an office, around the world, things are done a little differently. Whether it's climbing a mountain to get to class or maneuvering a dangerous terrain, these are the most insane ways people start their days...

Zoji La Pass

Office animals are all the rage with millennial workplaces, but not so much in India, where residents have to travel on the Zoji La Pass. In order to visit cities like Ladakh and Kashmir, travelers must pass through this strip that's 11,575 feet up in the mountains. Sure, there are great views, but the steep cliffs and narrow roads make this crazy unsafe. not to mention, the masses of animals that also pass through. 

Kite Commute


If you're out on the open ocean, look out for kite surfers like David Grimes. The I.T manager can be seen kite surfing to his office most days. He claims to sail about 20 miles per hour in order to get to work every day. The clean sea air and open area make riding the waves way more agreeable than sitting in traffic for an hour. After his 30-minute trek is done, he changes into a suit and tie. 

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