Wild Commutes That Make Rush Hour Traffic Look Easy

By 1 year ago

Bus Climbers

If you're getting around in Karachi, Pakistan, you'd probably ride in a taxi or rickshaw. However, space is scarce, so it's not uncommon to see people clinging to the sides of a bus or car when there's no more room inside. Notice how the inside of this photo shows every space packed with people. Visitors might find this strange but for locals, it's just a way to get to work. 


North Yungas Route

This 43-mile road is nothing but guaranteed trouble. It reaches a maximum height of about 2,000 feet in some parts. This tourist attraction has some deadly consequences, but it's also a commute for many. It's nicknamed "Death Road" due to the massive amounts of fallen people and fatal crashes. Every year, at least 300 different people lose their life on this 10-foot wide road.

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