Where Are These Iconic Bond Girls Now?

The evolution of the Bond Girl is incredibly fascinating. From scantily-clad damsels in distress to perilous sidekicks to actual villains, the eras of the James Bond franchise have allowed the heroines to change as much as 007 himself over the years. Women are no longer on the sidelines as the films have adhered to modern standards. Find out which of your favorite Hollywood actresses have been featured alongside the likes of Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan!

Ursula Andress, Dr. No

In 1962, Ursula Andress played Honey Ryder in the film Dr. No. Andress was the first-ever legitimate "Bond Girl," and popularized the role for decades to come. Look at how she rocks that gold bikini, too.


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The More You Know

  • The patient in the game Operation has a name.
  • The stars and flashes of light you see when you rub your eyes are called "phosphenes."
  • J is the only letter that doesn’t appear on the periodic table.
  • Bloodhounds are great marathoners.
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