Wedding Planner Gets Revenge On Bridezilla In Exposing Facebook Comment

Wedding planning is a tough business to get into.  Planning someone’s perfect day is a lot of stress, and having to keep track of it for nearly a year is overwhelming, but someone’s gotta do it! On top of that, there are tons of vendors to talk to and people to pay. It’s a lot of work!

This one bride was not very pleased with how her hired help handled her special day. She ended up leaving a rude comment on their Facebook with no background or no helpful critique…

To most people, this seems pretty one-sided and petty. Definitely more to the story! Many businesses cater to the ‘customer is always right’ rule, but LB Events & Promotions did not stand down. They ended up writing an epic response that had people commending the bride’s behavior.

This was hardcore. Not only did they provide an insight into what actually happened (which was a late wedded couple, rude!) but they also outted the bride about the payment to other vendors. What was her response, you ask?

Needless to say, her dull-witted response helped the business’s case even more. This is just a lesson: Treat others with kindness!

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