Teacher Gets Brutually Fired After Giving Students 0’s On Missing Assignments — People Are Furious

By 2 years ago

Teachers are one of the most underappreciated jobs in this country. They are literally the backbone of our society and responsible for the success of future generations. Unfortunately, they can also be the most abused. When one Florida teacher gave her students 0’s on missing assignments – something teachers normally do – she was met with angry parents and a termination of her job. Find out what happened and see how this storm is brewing.

New Teaching Job

Philadelphia-native Diane Tirado started her new job at West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Tirado has an extensive 17-year career in the education business, so the only thing ‘new’ about this job was the area and students. Or, so she thought.

Keep A Journal


Tirado gave her students their first long-term assignment: Keep a journal for two weeks and write like an explorer would in the 15th century. They were required to take notes about historical events they learned about and draw maps. As usual, some students didn’t turn their assignments in. That’s not completely unheard of, but things got really dicey when grades were returned…

No Work, No Credit

When Tirado didn’t get assignments, they didn’t get the credit. This is usually the standard procedure for any teacher. “I’m used to kids not handing in work… but then chasing them until the report cards are in to make sure they make it up. But I don’t give a grade for nothing.” That’s when she was met with a mob of furious parents.

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