Washington Man Discovers a Mysterious Extraterrestrial Bottomless Pit Right in His Backyard

By 1 year ago

The story of Mel's Hole has attracted the interest of conspiracy theorists and journalists alike over the years. However, the true answer to the origin of this mystery still lies deep underground, yet to be discovered...

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Mel Waters

In 1997, Mel Waters called into a late-night AM radio show called Coast to Coast. The show was about paranormal activity and conspiracy theories, and they didn't normally accept call-ins. Mel, however, had a particularly interesting story that captivated the show's host, Art Bell. 


Strangeness on the Land

Mel relayed that he had made a strange discovery on some land that he previously owned in rural Washington, just outside of Seattle. The property was just west of a town called Ellensburg, which has a history of paranormal activity. Mel told Art about something that he discovered while living near that town, and he explained that this "thing" could be the root of everything strange that has happened in that town...

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