Walmart has "Hocus Pocus" themed baking kits

Hocus Pocus pretty much runs Halloween. The 90s movie has held the title of best Halloween movie for quite some time, and retailers of 2021 are really capitalizing off of that.

Walmart has released Hocus Pocus-themed baking kits. You can choose between five different kits, or get them all!

The kits are Amuck cupcakes, Binx cookies, Spellbook brownies, Potion Bottle cookies, and Three Sisters hot cocoa bombs (for the lovely Sanderson sisters.) 

Each package comes with a baked food mix, toppings, and fun add-ons to really make them spooky! 

Naturally, these were a huge hit and some of these goods are already sold out. The cupcakes and hot cocoa bombs flew off of the shelves, so get the rest while you still can! 

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