Viral Spring Breaker Apologizes For Video Remarks

As many are already aware, spring break for several college students was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The large crowds were encouraged to quarantine rather than go on vacation, and among those who ignored these warnings was Brady Sluder, a high school student from Ohio who appeared in a popular video saying "If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not going to let it stop me from partying. We've been waiting for Miami spring break for a while. We're just out here having a good time. Whatever happens, happens."

The video received widespread backlash from concerned citizens who were following the given warnings to stay home and social distance. Brady Sluder recently came out with a statement apologizing for his recklessness and lack of awareness surrounding the issue of COVID-19. He claimed he "wasn't aware of the severity of [his] actions and comments."

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I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of. I’ve failed, I’ve let down, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I can’t apologize enough to the people i’ve offended and the lives I’ve insulted. I’m not asking for your forgiveness, or pity. I want to use this as motivation to become a better person, a better son, a better friend, and a better citizen. Listen to your communities and do as health officials say. Life is precious. Don’t be arrogant and think you’re invincible like myself. I’ve learned from these trying times and I’ve felt the repercussions to the fullest. Unfortunately, simply apologizing doesn’t justify my behavior. I’m simply owning up to my mistakes and taking full responsibility for my actions. Thank you for your time, and stay safe everyone. ❤️

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"Our generation may feel invincible like I did when I commented, but we have a responsibility to listen and follow the recommendations in our communities," said the teenager. He continued to urge people to listen to their local authorities for action regarding the virus. He concluded the sentimental apology with "Life is precious. Don’t be arrogant and think you’re invincible like myself." Despite the outbreak, Florida has still not closed its beaches. 

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