“Unicorn Wings” Make Their Debut at an NJ Restaurant for National Wing Day

Mark your calendars—National Chicken Wing Day is upon us, and while most people are looking for the classic buffalo wing, an NJ restaurant is celebrating in a bit of an unorthodox way.

Behold, The Unicorn Wing. Chefs over at The Office Tavern Grill dreamed up this colorful creation to sell on National Chicken Wing Day on July 29th for $12 at its locations in Morristown, Ridgewood, and Summit.

The Unicorn Wings are tossed in homemade hot sauce tinted with pink, yellow, green, and purple natural food dyes and edible glitter, on a bed of unicorn colored cereal. They’ll be served on the 29th while supplies last.

“National Chicken Wing Day is obviously one of our favorite holidays at The Office,” Kevin Felice, the corporate executive chef, 40NORTH Restaurant Group, said in a statement. “To celebrate, we wanted to put a spin on our classic, popular chicken wing dish and make something more inventive and playful without compromising that familiar chicken wing taste. Unicorn-themed food is so fun, it seemed like a perfect fit. The dish is definitely something that creates a perfect photo opportunity.”

What do you think—are the Unicorn Wings a tastebud-friendly dish or an over-the-top marketing scheme?

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