Mayo Ice Cream Is Now a Thing

Recently, people have been going above and beyond to create terrifying food monstrosities. Between a cotton candy burrito and putting cheese on Pop Tarts (much to the brand’s horror), social media makes it easy for people to post up their terrifying food concoctions.

ICE Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk, Scotland, just released a new flavor for their shop: Mayo. The substance itself is very controversial. Some people absolutely despise it, while others can eat it by the spoonful.

Who knows a mayo addict? #mayonnaise #foodporn #weird #icecream #icefalkirk #foodie #yesorno

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The initial post brought out some shock and horror from a majority of comments. Then, a brave few began to come out of the woodwork in support of this invention.

She has a point! Still, many people want to watch this idea crash and burn.

Would you try it? If you think about it, mayo doesn’t really have that much of a taste, and it could just be a super creamy and light ice cream that tastes more vanilla than anything. Right? Either way, you either gag at the thought of it or drool a little. The only way to find out is to head over to Scotland!

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