Unbelievable Moments Captured at Burning Man

Burning Man is one of the most cherished, unique, and genuine celebrations of humanity on the planet. There is no festival or gathering that celebrates art the way Burning Man does. These photos prove it, and you might find yourself looking for tickets at the end...

The History of "Burning Man"

So, Burning Man was started in 1986 by an artist named Larry Harvey. He and his friends made a 9-foot-tall wooden sculpture of a man, dragged it out to the beach in San Francisco, and set it ablaze. The friends made this an annual tradition but increased the size of the man every year. 


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The More You Know

  • Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix. He starred in Wild Wild West instead.
  • You can buy a completely renovated and converted Boeing 727 jet that accommodates 23 people for less than the cost of a Ferrari.
  • Dr. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham as part of a bet.
  • The richest superhero is actually Black Panther, who has an estimated of $500 billion, whereas Tony Stark is worth $100 billion and Bruce Wayne $80 billion.
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