U.K. Working to Ban Junk Food Advertising Before 9 P.M.

The U.K. is trying to fight obesity, and it's starting with junk food adverts. The prime minister will soon announce a ban on TV junk food advertising before 9 P.M. 

Boris Johnson, who was previously admitted into intensive care for COVID-19 complications, has strong views on obesity. He has spoken out many times about the importance of a healthy diet, criticizing unhealthy foods high in sugar, fats, and salt.

While the extent of the ban hasn't been announced yet, it is anticipated that he will reveal the plan this upcoming Monday.

It has been reported that the prime minister is also considering banning sweets from being promoted in grocery store entrances and checkout stations.

Helen Whately, the minister for care, has stated that the government was looking into protecting children from unhealthy advertisements.

"The Department of Health has indeed been consulting on, for instance, how to protect children from adverts and the impact of adverts of unhealthy food," she said. "So, of course, that is one of the policies that would be looked at."

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