Two Parents Created the First Wheelchair-Friendly Waterpark

Morgan’s Wonderland is a theme park in San Antonio, Texas that aids children with special needs! This all-inclusive park was created by Gordon and Maggie Hartman, parents of Morgan Hartman.

The Hartmans went to create this all-inclusive park out of experiences they’ve had with their special needs daughter. Gordon said he noticed that Morgan wanted to play with other kids at a hotel swimming pool, but the kids did not want to interact with her.

That day in 2005 led to the opening of this theme park in 2010. The real estate developer wanted to make sure that there was a place for kids like Morgan to have fun and feel welcomed. He also wanted to emphasize that this was a place for everyone, disabled or not. Morgans Wonderland is a place for learning about and interacting with one another!

The park has more than 25 elements like rides and playgrounds. The best part? Everyone with a special need is admitted free of charge, which makes this a fun getaway for families who may not be able to afford general theme parks.

In 2017, Hartman unveiled his plan for a waterpark. Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a $17 million ultra-accessible splash park. They even offer waterproof wheelchairs for guests who have battery operated ones!

This entire park is changing the way theme parks treat people with disabilities. There is not one ride that is unattainable for both able-bodied and disabled patrons!

Their mission? “To provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment free of physical and economic barriers that all individuals – regardless of age, special need, or disability – can come to and enjoy.”



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