Prepare Yourselves: Pumpkin Spice is Back—Already

Just because it’s summertime, doesn’t mean that those fall-obsessed folks aren’t counting down the minutes until the leaves turn again. To some, this is just, well, “pre-fall.”

And if you aren’t convinced, just look at your grocery store shelves and see for yourself. Pumpkin spice products have already made their appearance. Yes, you read that right. Pumpkin spice is back, and shockingly, this is one trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Instagram account, @junkbanter spotted Dannon’s Light and Fit Pumpkin Pie on local grocery shelves on July 25th. Another user, @justinmrobbins, spotted Pumpkin Spice caramels made by Werther’s Original next to a few other fall candy selections on the shelves, as well.

Other have been spotting pumpkin spice-scented home goods at Target, like candles, dish soaps, and hand soaps.

We know, we know, the weather is still screaming summer, but the fall industry is expanding its pumpkin-spiced-apple-cidery reach into the month of July.

To all you Summer fans out there, the end is near.

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