Twitter Users Expose Their Most Cringe Worthy High School Pictures

By 1 year ago

Ah high school, a time for self-reflection, personal growth, and of course, the most embarrassing years of your life. Twitter user @im_your_density capitalized on this hilarious awkwardness by asking people online to send him their worst high school photos, starting with his own. "What’s the dumbest pic you have of yourself from high school? Mine’s this of me posing seductively in my firehouse subs uniform after an extremely unfortunate haircut," he captioned his photo. 

The photos came pouring in. Turns out everyone was eager to share their most embarrassing moments with the world! Some people had terrible photoshoots, like one user who wrote: "Heres me in some JNCO jeans doing a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine that I was a shoo-in for!" Another wrote in "Here's a picture of me holding our high school's "spirit stick" while I am literally & figuratively in the closet 12/19/2013."

The original tweet, as of now, has reached over 431 retweets, 11.2 thousand likes, and 659 responses. If you can't run from your past, you might as well get Twitter famous from the photographs!

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