Twitter Users Admit Their Hilarious Nicknames for their Pets

Naming your pet can be pretty nerve-wracking. You want to make sure that it will match their personality and their breed, while also being unique and fun. Some people prefer giving them human names, such as naming their cat Fred or their dog Harry, or something more generic like Oreo for a black & white cat and Snickers for a brown dog.

If you’re a first-time pet owner, you probably don’t know this but… There are nicknames. And sometimes, these nicknames can make absolutely no sense. That’s the fun of having your pets! Nothing means everything! You can do whatever you want and your pet will love it.

One Twitter user, @AmandaMull, decided to ask Twitter a simple question: What weird nicknames do you have for your pets? She started the trend off by stating her own dog’s nickname and an adorable picture of the pup.

As any pet owner knows, you must take advantage of every opportunity you are given to talk about your pet. And if anything, social media users love bragging about their adorable pets.

If you haven’t given your fur-child a nickname, now is the time! Don’t worry, it comes naturally. I mean, who can come up with calling your pet ‘fish fillet’ by thinking about it? It’s got to be in the moment!

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