TV’s Most Hated Characters of All Time

In the thick of TV season, viewers are bound to love and hate some of the characters they meet along the way. Then, there are the characters that writers don’t necessarily anticipate viewers hating, but for some reason, they annoy the pants off of everyone who watches. From the Kimmy Gibler’s to King Joffrey’s, here are the most hated TV characters of all time…

Joffrey Baratheon of “Game of Thrones”

Oh, Joffrey–how we loathe thee. From the moment viewers met him they absolutely despised him. He was a liar and quite frankly, a sadistic little brat. It certainly didn’t help that he was the product of incest, but Jack Gleeson’s acting really brought it home. Not to mention it was his fault Lady was killed and Nymeria had to run away.


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The More You Know

  • TV made its debut at the World’s Fair
  • One of the most influential TV series of all time, Star Trek broke several boundaries, including showing the first interracial kiss on television—between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura—in the 1968 episode "Plato's Stepchildren."
  • Bill Cosby was the first Black man to star on network TV
  • Saturday Night Live' is TV’s most decorated show
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