Trader Joe’s Has Created A ‘Paw-some” Advent Calendar for Dogs

Dogs, we truly don’t deserve them.

But because they have graced us with their presence and unconditional love, a Trader Joe’s Doggie Advent calendar seems like the perfect way to spoil these furry angels for 25 days.

Trader Joe’s introduced the Advent Calendar for Dogs the week of Nov. 5th for $5.99. The box contains 25 treats made from antibiotic-free salmon and sweet potato.

“As its Instagram following reflects, it’s been well received by our customers and their canines,” the company representative noted.

Those who have snatched up the calendar already have wasted no time posting photos of it with their pups. Advent begins on Dec. 2, but make sure you get your hands on the special calendar now as it is a seasonal item with limited availability.

“When it’s gone, it’s gone – until next season,” the company warns. “And it’s been going fast, so we cannot guarantee whether it will still be available in all Trader Joe’s stores.”

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