TikTok Family Goes Viral With Their Quarantine Theme Dinners

By 1 year ago

Social distancing has affected everyone in the strangest of ways. Derek Cannuscio and his family are one of the many who seem to be enjoying the extra time together. Derek is a 14-year-old from Massachusetts, but he's got a lot of talent. The teenager is home from school and has used his spare time to make quarantine themed dinners has been spending his quarantine making themed dinners for his family. His sister, Caitlin, has been tracking the progress. 


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His first TikTok was airplane themed. According to Derek, "The airplane came to me because I am an aviation enthusiast." He also did it for Caitlin, the sister who had returned from college. "I felt bad my sister couldn't go on her spring break trip," he said "so I wanted to try to create one for her and my family. I like to make them laugh — life's too serious right now."


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"Before quarantine, my family rarely ate dinner together because of everyone's busy schedules," commented Derek, "COVID-19 has shown us that in times of stress and even a country in lockdown, we will always have our families to help get through things." It's a beautiful sentiment in a scary time, but at least they're having fun together while going through it all. Family first!

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