The One Winner in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Dogs

As the nation is anxiously enduring staying-at-home ordinances, dogs, on the other hand, are happily accepting the increase in quality time with their humans. Their endearing ignorance of the global health pandemic is like a breath of fresh air that helps us forget, even if just for a few moments, the chaos and confusion that the world is currently facing.

One positive thing that has come from all this is that many people have decided to take on a furry foster friend to help curb their loneliness while stuck in their homes. Local shelters and rescues have experienced an influx of foster and adoption applications.

In these uncertain times, the love of a pet feels like the only source of normalcy, and taking your dog on a walk is one of the few activities that is permitted at this time. A little fresh air and sunlight can go a long way for both you and your dog.

Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic, and Ranch in Jupiter, Florida is pairing senior pets with senior citizens to provide mutual companionship at this time, particularly because senior citizens are in the high-risk group for COVID-19 and thus getting limited to no human visitors for fear of infection.

If you're unable to foster or adopt a pet at this time, there are other ways to help support your local animal shelters. People can help by donating money and supplies. If you're shopping on Amazon, AmazonSmile ( is a passive way to donate a portion of the money you spend to the charity or shelter of your choice. 

Dogs and cats can fill the void for those of us who are feeling the sting of social isolation, so if you have the resources to take in a foster pet, they might just be the perfect solution to your loneliness and anxiety.

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