Smart and Hilarious Ways People Are Spending Their Time While Social Distancing

By 1 year ago

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. We are experiencing something that no one ever has before, and our response to it has been nothing short of weird. A lot of people are making the best out of a bad situation right now, though, so maybe this will spur some ideas on how to spend this time in quarantine! 

Kitty Obstacle Course

Cats have always been an amazing source of entertainment. This guy decided to make his hallway into a major obstacle course for his cat, who actually loves it. This is a funny but also great idea!


New Vacations

People are going from basking in paradise to basking in the small amount of sunshine that comes through their apartment windows. This is the vibe for March 2020! And probably April, and May, and June...

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