Tigers Found Wandering Texas Streets Are Thriving in Their New Sanctuary

The last time Elsa and India made the news, they were roaming the streets of Texas neighborhoods. The former "pet" tigers had each escaped from their owners and were captured wandering in Houston and San Antonio. 

Now, the two tigers are living a much better life... together!

Once the two big cats were captured, they were moved to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. This 1,400-acre sanctuary cares for bears, tigers, and other animals removed from the exotic pet trade. 

Exotic animals that previously spent their lives in cages have large expansive habitats at the ranch. Both tigers are loving their new home and are playing in the trees, grass, bushes, and enrichment items. 

The tigers are particularly fond of the ranch's many pools and water features. To help the animals in their care stay cool during hot Texas summers, every resident has their own splashing pools and tubs to swim and lounge. 

Black Beauty's senior director, Noelle Almrud, said in a statement, "Our team tries to anticipate their needs and make it fun and stimulating for them."

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