Barstool Sports and the MLB in Talks to Broadcast Games on Barstool's Platforms

Barstool Sports and Major League Baseball may soon be teaming up for some midweek games. Negotiations are underway for Barstool Sports to broadcast some MLB games with a new focus on in-game gambling. 

While neither party will officially comment on the negotiations, a source says the odds are currently "50-50."

The MLB has TV deals with Fox, Turner, and ESPN. Their new contract with ESPN, however, has dropped non-exclusive Monday and Wednesday games, so the league is currently searching for a new buyer for those games.

YouTube and Peacock are also contenders as each has featured games on their platforms this season. But Barstool has a unique position in that it appeals to a younger audience. 

Barstool recently announced that it would be the lead sponsor for the Arizona Bowl, but this is seemingly just the beginning...

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