This Simple Trick Can Totally Enhance a Watermelons Flavor

You probably think that watermelons are fine on their own; that they need nothing added to them. That’s fine, but you’re totally missing out on something incredible.

Fruit enthusiasts all over the world know of this little trick. Even then, many are still left in the dark. So what’s the trick that’ll change your tastebuds forever?

It’s salt! Adding a sprinkle of salt on your watermelon will bring out the sweet taste that you never knew you were craving. Watermelon is sweet, sour, and bitter. When you put salt on it, the bitterness gets suppressed and the sweetness gets released! It’s perfect for a summer treat.

In the summertime, we sweat. When we sweat, we lose sodium. So, in a way, this is the best treat for the summer as you’re replenishing your body! Right?

If you’re skeptical, try it out! Go and find your perfect watermelon and salt just a little piece. Then you’ll see what half of the world is raving about.

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