Daughter Scares Mom Every Day For A Month and Her is Reaction Too Funny

Jumpy parents beware: Kids are beginning a trend on getting you to jump out of your skin!

Twitter user Haley Parrish (@Haley__Parrish) posted a video of her scaring her mom for a month straight. This consisted mainly of Haley hiding around corners and lying in wait for her mom to come home from whatever she was doing.

Sometimes, Haley’s mom was just doing her makeup or hanging out on the computer and Haley still managed to terrify her!

A lot of the time, Haley’s poor mom ended up throwing her smoothie or drink across the room because she was so shocked and scared. Her reaction was so severe every single time that this video took off on twitter, with a whopping 67K retweets and counting.

As funny as this is (and it’s really, really funny) you can’t help but feel bad for her mom! Good thing she was such a good sport about it and ended up cracking up just as much as Haley. This prompted other Twitter users to post videos of them scaring their parents, too.

The best part of these videos is that the moms react the same way every single time. That is just their natural terror face, apparently!

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