This Pizza Restaurant Goes A Little Too Far With These Toppings

The world is filled with pizza aficionados. Within that group, there are pizza purists and pizza adventurists. The pizza purist loves the traditional toppings and is on the hunt for the perfect sauce and cheese combination. The pizza adventurist throws tradition to the wind and probably owns a shop called Brother Bruno’s Pizza in New Jersey.

This wild pizza place has over 250 different concoctions of pizza toppings on their menu. Some of these pizzas seem like a heart attack on a plate.

They have some more mild pizza’s, like the cereal pizza.

The grilled cheese pizza has a triple cheese filled crust topped with mini grilled cheese.

Chicken and waffles pizza is not exactly what you think it is. Yes, it’s topped with chicken tenders and Belgian waffles, but it’s also stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bacon and topped with a honey maple glaze.

The cannoli pizza is probably the most doable, with a Nutella “sauce,” cannoli cream with eight cannoli’s placed on top.

Lastly, the most heart attack inducing pizza would be the cheeseburger pizza. There is a pound of fries, eight burger patties topped with cheese and bacon along with buns. The most insane part: the mac & cheese filling.

They’ve also got the dessert pizza, which is another mild pizza but still insane!

Co-owner Pietro Mazzella is definitely a pizza adventurist.


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