This Parrot is Best Friends with Amazon’s ‘Alexa’

An African grey parrot has quickly learned that he has friends on the Internet.

Amazon’s Alexa has become Rocco’s best friend while his owner is away at work. Rocco has even tried to order watermelons, strawberries, light bulbs, ice cream, a kite, and trash bins. This is not your average parrot.

Luckily, Rocco’s owner has a parental lock on Alexa so unfortunately for Rocco, he will not be receiving his orders.

In addition to ordering things, he also likes to have Alexa tell him jokes and he knows how to put on some tunes.

“I’ve come home before and he has romantic music playing,” his owner has said. “One of his favorites is Kings of Leon, which he dances to. Foo Fighters, he likes them.”

Rocco has some pretty good taste, in goods and music.

It comes as no surprise that this funny bird has learned his way around the Amazon assistant. Rocco was put in his owners care when he was causing havoc at a shelter by cursing and throwing his water bowl around.

This guy is truly one of a kind.

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