Catching Santa: Young Man Sets up Camera to Catch the Big Man in Action

Twitter user @Intolisa shared a video her younger brother doing his best to catch Santa in the act. Instead, however, he caught something a little more hilarious.

He had set up an iPad under the tree to get a live look at Santa as he delivered his Christmas goodies, but instead, he captured the family dog up to no good.

Twitter users are laughing out loud over the hilarious sight of the little dog pooping under the family Christmas tree. Someone was on the naughty list this year.

The reaction video was priceless. As he says in the clip, “You’re probably wondering what that is, I think you guys know.”

There’s certainly no denying the dirty doggie deed. At least he got some kind of answer as to what happens under the Christmas tree, even if it wasn’t a Santa spotting.

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