This Paralyzed Gymnast Launched Her Own Tea Company—and Oprah Loves It

At the age of 14, Canadian gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was left paralyzed after an accident. With the Olympics no longer a possibility, Lindsay-Noel had to reevaluate her life's trajectory.

"I was getting to re-write my narrative—divorcing an identity—only, a lot earlier. I grew up really fast, and earlier. Most people learn by the time they are adults that things can change suddenly. I found out early," said Lindsay-Noel, now 26.

Fortunately, Lindsay-Noel was able to find a new passion in life: tea.

After launching a podcast, "Tea Time with Tay," Lindsay-Noel turned dreams into reality. She went on to create Cup of Té, a line of organic tea blends and accessories.

Cup of Té donates $1 from every sale to mental health causes and initiatives that are crucial to Lindsay-Noel's community, including CAMH Suicide Prevention.

It wasn't long before Cup of Té found its way to O Magazine, where it made the list of Oprah's Favorite Things.

Although Lindsay-Noel acknowledges that she has faced many challenges along the way, she's looking forward to the future.

"Luckily for me, ten years later, and with a village of support, I'm grateful to know that that first dream would not be my last," she said.

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