This Kardashian Job Posting Has People Rolling Their Eyes

Working for one of Hollywood’s biggest families seems like a dream, right? Many people would kill for the opportunity to help and assist the Kardashians with their day-to-day lives just to get a glimpse of the glamor. If you live in LA, that is the reality. A job posting went up looking for Talent Management and Runner interns. What seemed like a dream soon became a crushing reality.

According to the job posting, Jenner Communications is looking for unpaid college interns who want to help with groceries and kids toys for college credit only. Many people were dismayed at the fact that rich celebrities don’t want to pay even a minimum wage for doing mundane work that doesn’t get them any experience in anything.

Not exactly the most ideal way to spend your college days… Some people took the bait and ended up getting the internships. This was something that people regret wasting their time with.

Either way, many people are not happy with the exploitation of college students. Some even go as far to say that it’s illegal what they are doing. Would you risk getting bullied and getting no pay just to be close to the Kardashians?

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