Can You Handle 30 Hours In A Coffin?

In lieu of the Halloween season, Six Flags in St. Louis has decided to get spooky with their 30th anniversary. Six lucky contestants will be chosen to take on the 30-hour challenge of staying in a coffin. Don’t worry, there are bathroom breaks.

The coffins will be two feet in width and seven feet in length. Contestants will have to stay inside them from 1 pm October 13th until 7 pm October 14th, not including a bathroom break offered every hour.

The winner will get a cash prize of $300 and get to keep the coffin. It’s not clear what the average human will do with a coffin, so hopefully, they can get creative!

Seems easy enough, right? Some people think so due to the ‘cushiony’ situation…

Others think that it’s terrifying and not worth the time or money. Keep any coffins away, please!

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