This Fast-Food Bracelet Will Shock You (Literally!)

Old habits die hard, but not without some help. That’s why Pavlok is the perfect bracelet for fast-food junkies who can’t quite kick their unhealthy lifestyle. At the press of the lightning bolt button, the bracelet will send a 350-volt shock to the wearer whenever they begin to indulge in the pattern.  

The bracelet has 10 settings of different levels, falling between the strength of “static shock and a pinch” said the company. Simply shock yourself every time you feel yourself craving fast food or some other bad habits. This is called aversive therapy, making immediate negative associations with negative manners.

The idea came from creator Maneesh Sethi who had issues with productivity. After a successful article about hiring a girl to slap him every time he went on Facebook, Sethi decided that there were better and more profitable ways of scaring yourself out of bad habits.

The bracelet can be used to kick fast food feeding, as well as smoking, swearing, or nail-biting. Sethi says one of the surprising uses of the accessory has been an alarm clock. Deep sleepers shock themselves awake to make sure they’re up on time. The Pavlok goes for $200 online, a small price to pay for lifelong healthy habits!

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