This Dachshund Responds to Harry Potter Spells

Actor and YouTuber, Anna Brisbin, has an 8-month-old longhaired mini dachshund. She wasted no time getting his adorable face on Instagram and revealed to the world that his name was Remus, after Harry Potter character, Remus Lupin.

The Harry Potter references didn’t stop there, however.

Remus was a quick learner and Anna capitalized in an amazing way.

Brisbin taught her dog commands using spells from the J.K. Rowlings magical series, and needless to say, people of the Internet are impressed.

From Lumos and Nox to Expelliarmus and Accio, Remus is one impressive little guy, and you can check out more from this mini-wizard on his Instagram account, Remus_the_Doxie.

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