These TV Shows Did So Well That They Got Box Office Spin-Offs

Breaking Bad

We first met Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on the small screen until its series finale in 2013. There was a spin-off television show called Better Call Saul that focused on the small-town smarmy lawyer, Saul Goodman. But Breaking Bad wouldn't be the last of the beloved drug dealers.


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The More You Know

  • On the set of one of the Pirates of the Carribbean films, Johnny Depp spent £40,000 on 500 coats for the cast and crew.
  • O.J. Simpson was considered for the lead in "The Terminator".
  • Robert Ludlum, the creator of the Jason Bourne series, died while the first Bourne film was in post-production.
  • Gone With the Wind’s fire scene is old sets being burned.
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