These TV Shows Did So Well That They Got Box Office Spin-Offs

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Aaron Paul returns as Jesse Pinkman in the series' sequel film and epilogue story. The plot follows Jesse as he hopes to start a new life beyond Walter White's meth business, but he wants to make amends with his past first. This task proves to be a lot more dangerous than he thinks...


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The More You Know

  • While filming ‘The Machinist,’ Christian Bale only ate an apple and a can of tuna each day. His goal was to weigh 100 pounds before producers stopped him.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio did not do the drawing in ‘Titanic’
  • The skeletons in "Poltergeist" are not props. They are real human skeletons.
  • Charles Bronson, Britain's most violent prisoner, actually shaved his trademark mustache off so Tom Hardy could wear it during the filming of "Bronson", which was based on his life in prison.
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