These True Facts Sound Incredibly Fake

By 1 year ago

Sometimes you learn a fun fact and you almost can't believe it's true. You can't always believe everything you read online, but these pieces of trivia are very true and very surprising. You might think that you know all the wild facts on the internet, but these are some you've never realized...

Hum Drum

Did you know? It's impossible to hum while you are holding your nose. This is due to the fact that the human vocal cords are driven by air. The air in your lungs must be used to create a humming sound, so when the mouth is closed, it must travel through the nose. When the nose is plugged, the hum is very short because the air in your lungs cannot escape. 


Breathing Exercises

The human body has some pretty strange limitations. There's a ton of cool things we can't do, like breathe underwater or go weeks without sleeping. However, one of the more peculiar ones involves swallowing. Turns out that you cannot swallow while breathing. Try it out for yourself, your body will stop the airflow while you are swallowing breath. That's pretty crazy. 

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