These Quirky Sisters Could Not Be More Different

Jessica Toutant and her sister, Alexandria Bishop prove that not all siblings are born the same. The two are eight years apart in age and miles apart in personality and style. While Jessica prefers everything bright and colorful, Alexandria leans more towards dark and darker fashion.

The sisters aren’t just different in personal style, but also in their home decoration. Jessica’s home is rainbow-themed, like something out of a Disney show. Alexandria has a moodier theme and even a GO AWAY doormat.

Despite their differences in style and taste, the sisters are very close and get along perfectly. Even better, they both have creative careers. Alexandria is a makeup artist as well as sculptor, painter, and illustrator. Jessica runs a Henna business and is looking to start a career in interior decorating.

These two sisters will continue being themselves and living their best lives, the way they like to dress. Whether you’re more of a colorful Jessica or brooding Alexandria, there’s a style for everybody!

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