Fisherman Spots a Floating Doll and Gets a Shocking Surprise

By 1 year ago

Matata, New Zealand is a fisherman’s paradise, as Gus Hutt can attest. He was out on the ocean with his wife when he noticed something strange floating near his fishing net. To his surprise, it looked like a doll! He pulled the porcelain white doll aboard, but he would have never guessed what came next…

Perfect Fishing Weather

It was a fine New Zealand day for fishing. Perfect skies, clear water, just Gus Hutt and his wife, Sue. Of course, there were other fishermen nearby. There was also a family on the beach, enjoying the nice day, for now…

Setting Up Camp


Back on the beach, the Whyte family was setting up their tent. They were planning on spending the night at the beach with their 18-month old son, Malachi. Their trip would be truly unforgettable…

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