These Punk Rock Dog Vests Are Designed to Protect Pups from Coyotes

A California couple has created the most punk-rock attire for dogs that’s ever existed, and it’s all for a purpose.

Paul and Pamela Mott from Scripps Ranch, California, designed these hardcore dog vests to protect our furry friends from coyote attacks. Unfortunately, this was due to the loss of one of their own precious pooches.

The CoyoteVest will make your pup look like a punk rock star, but the vest actually buys the owner some time to intervene if an attack occurs.

The vest itself is made of Kevlar and has plastic spikes around the collar and down the torso, with plastic quills down the spine. While the spikes won’t hurt the coyote, they make it difficult for them to bite down and scoop up the dog, giving owners time to react.

The CoyoteVest allows owners to take their pets to the park for playtime without having to worry about a rogue coyote snatching up their furry friend for a mid-day snack.

Interested buyers can get a basic vest or, for a little extra cash, extra spikes and bristles are available.

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