Reese’s Is Looking for the Owner of This Car

Chocolate and peanut butter go together like Bert and Ernie, salt and pepper, shoes and socks, so it’s should come as no surprise that someone would dedicate the entire exterior of their car to this delicious combo.

The candy brand posted a call to arms on Dec. 3 to ask for assistance in finding the owner of the decked out vehicle that was last seen driving around in Nashville, TN.

A passerby sent a photo of the car to the candy brand and the company responded in kind. They rented five billboards to track down the Reese’s car owner along highways and popular areas in Music City asking for the public’s assistance in locating the owner.

The brand also took to Twitter to share their search.

If the Reese’s-lover is found the brand asks that people call 1-844-RES-CALL. Reese’s plans to gift the owner a “souped up” holiday package, which will include a year’s supply of chocolate.

But what about a finder’s fee, Reese’s?

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