These Photos Perfectly Sum Up Life With Babies

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be a very exciting albeit very stressful time. New parents have to learn a lot and adjust their lives around their new little one, and it's often easier said than done. These pictures hilariously sum up what life is like with a baby on board...


Who's having a better rest, father or son? Honestly, there's no way to tell. Working parents have to balance being parents and bringing home the bacon. It only makes sense that someone would need to take a nap, so why not get two things done at once? And the little one is strapped in, so everything is safe and least until one of them wakes up!


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The More You Know

  • During World War 2, a bear named Wotjek joined the Polish army. He carried ammunition and occasionally drank beer.
  • The Catholic Church considers the Theory of Evolution to be "virtually certain", and believes that intelligent design "isn't science even though it pretends to be."
  • If you ate nothing but rabbit meat, you would die from protein poisoning.
  • People write love letters to trees in Australia via email.
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