These Mindbending Optical Illusions Will Break Your Brain

By 1 year ago

Optical illusions teach us about visual perception and its limitations. These illusions are specifically designed to trick the human brain. Things aren’t always how they appear… can you handle these dizzying illusions?

Impossible Trident

An impossible trident, also known as an impossible fork, blivet, devil’s tuning fork, etc., is an impossible object that appears to have three cylindrical prongs, which mysteriously transform into two rectangular prongs at the other end. The impossible fork made its debut on the cover of MAD magazine in March 1965.


Cafe Wall Illusion

This illusion was titled after Dr. Richard Gregory observed the pattern on the wall of a Bristol café in 1973. The alternating light and dark “bricks” are staggered between straight dividing lines, which appear to be sloped, but are actually parallel. It was first named the Kindergarten illusion in 1898.

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