Side-Splitting Fishing Fails Captured at the Perfect Time

By 1 year ago

Some people take up fishing as a way to relax, but they'll quickly learn that it isn't always a soothing experience. These fishing fails might shed some light on the reality of fishing. You never really know what could happen in the great outdoors...

The Face of Satisfaction

All the beautiful shades of blue in this photo only serve to amplify her joy. It seems like she may or may not have gotten a little more than she bargained for with this catch—it's practically the same size as her! That's going to make one tasty meal.


Doing His Best

When his friends said to bring beer, this probably isn't what they meant. It's pretty clear that no fish were caught that day... mostly due to the fact that the boat never made it into the water. Someone better get this guy some water and dry toast.

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